Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Were going on TV!

Quite a variety today. First order of business was to get a good understanding of the cost associated with shipping pineapple to North America. (Did I mention it is the sweetest pineapple on earth?) We confirmed the variety used on the farm, Sweet Ceyenne. It is all natural and not a hybrid. Our meeting today was with Moses and Abu. Moses is the farm manager and Abu is the technical advisor on the farm, he has 15 years experience. First harvest is coming up in November and they will pull about 6,000 pinapple every two weeks until spring, the average pineapple weighs about 1.5 kg. The pineapple are package in 12 kg cartons. The farm employs about 15 full time and part time workers.

After our business discussion, we headed over to the National Arts Center. It reminded me of the areas in Mexico where everyone comes to sell there trinkets and other stuff for "almost free". The bargaining is fierce, we were lucky to have Toney with us to give us an idea of what we should be paying. We found some souvenirs and enjoyed the experience of Ghana "shopping".

This afternoon we attended a press conference for FAGRO, the first National Food and Agric Show (not kidding about the name...not Fargo, but Fagro). It's emphasis is on promoting and adding valu in agriculture for the benefit of reducing poverty. The theme fit right in to our reason for going to Ghana. We witnessed a great tribal dance and drum team as part of the press conference.

We finished the day with interviews with Ghana Pride TV show. The interviews with Delore and I will play a week from Friday on a episode that will talk about marketing Ghana ag products.

The story every where we go is the development of Ghans agriculture and finding markets. As the speaker at the press conference today stated, "We need take pride in the products we grow. That means growing quality products and marketing them to others with pride."

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